The Story Synopsis

Running time: 1 hour, 52 minutes

When three children survive a bus crash that kills their parents, their childhood dies as well until they find an unlikely partner in grief at the shallow grave of a long lost child in the woods of a desolate park.

MR. BONES marks the feature film directorial debut of author and educator Nathan Ross Freeman, and features an ensemble cast of young actors from his landmark performing arts program, Authoring Action, formerly The Winston-Salem Youth Arts Institute.


Mr. Bones was produced as a collaboration between Mr. Bones, LLC and Authoring Action.


The ‘Calling’ of Mr. Bones is its participation in, and the propagation of, Afrocentric plots celebrating Universal Themes … Themes that celebrate the Social Capital of Youth, Generational Rites and Village Care.

©2007 Mr. Bones, LLC in Association with The Winston-Salem Youth Arts Institute
now known as
Authoring Action -